February 11

The Weekly Briefing: Google Penalizes Websites for Spammy Content Markups

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend discussed a new reason for Google to penalize websites … Some webmasters have recently received manual penalties from Google for having spammy structured markups on their websites, according to a report from Search Engine Roundtable. More specifically, the messages inform users that they’re being penalized for “marking up content that is

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November 19

The Weekly Briefing: Google Voice Ups the Ante on Complex Questions

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders discussed how Google Voice Search is continually evolving… Google recently announced that its voice search app has grown to understand more complex questions – allowing it to better comprehend intent when device users ask questions. Areas in which the app has advanced in include superlatives, ordered items, particular points in

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October 2

September 2

The Weekly Briefing: Facebook Challenges Siri & Cortana with A.I. Assistant “M”

SEM Specialist Andrew Vandereit & Copywriter Jared Townsend discussed Facebook’s A.I. push… Watch out Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, because Facebook is launching their own A.I. assistant. Simply known as “M,” the service will be integrated into the social network’s messaging platform and will assist users with gift ideas, item purchases, trip planning, restaurant recommendations,

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June 2

The Weekly Briefing: Are Facebook’s “Instant Articles” Good or Bad for Publishers?

Facebook’s new platform can make loading articles 10x faster, but is it bad for publishers? New Business Development Coordinator Zachary Peterson discussed a New York Times report on Facebook’s new Instant Articles feature – currently available for iOS mobile devices. It’s a platform that allows readers to view articles in their entirety without ever having

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May 13

The Weekly Briefing: Could Facebook’s ‘Add a Link’ Plan Cost Google?

Highlights from this week’s weekly meeting: Facebook’s ‘Add a Link’ feature Sharing a link with an update on social media can be a tedious task – copy and pasting, right? Think again. SEM Specialist Reed Langton-Yanowitz discussed Facebook’s plan to make the process a heck of a lot easier by adding a feature that allows

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February 18

The Weekly Briefing: Buzzing, Tweeting, and Searching

Here are some of the headlines from our weekly meeting: SEM Specialist Reed Langton-Yanowitz talked about the expiring Apple/Google deal regarding Safari’s default search engine. Bing and Yahoo were the expected contenders to fill the void, but Apple’s job opening for an “Engineering Project Manager – Apple Search” has caught the attention of the Internet.

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February 9

The Weekly Briefing: Balancing Good Information with Good Questions

This week we talked explored the importance of quality content and the importance of quality questioning. Copywriter Hannah Scherrer shared an article from Search Engine Land outlining some characteristics Google and Bing recognize as “quality content” signals. We are constantly on the quest for “quality content,” with little direction on how to achieve it. As

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January 29

January 15

The Facebook Algorithm: Understanding How the Facebook News Feed Values Content

We’ve seen Facebook transform from a university chat room into one of the largest platforms for international communication. Quips between friends have morphed into invitations to parties and “Find Us On Facebook” has become a standard. We are bombarded by content from all directions, in all forms – advertisements, news stories, office antics, and cats

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