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The team looking over SEO results

SEO Who? 11 Key Questions to Ask SEO Experts & Agencies

SEO is a rather daunting and sometimes fickle aspect of the web. Let’s face it, some of us might not even know what it stands for (Search Engine Optimization for the uninitiated). But hiring a quality SEO professional or agency will ultimately determine the success of your online presence and inevitably your business. But with

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January 4

5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes, Episode 7

It’s time for 5 Under 5, Episode 7! SEO Specialist Matthew Pfeifer talks about Reddit and Bing, Meta Description Increases, and Search Console Updates and more. Welcome to Under 5   The Latest in Digital Marketing in Under 5 Minutes   Hi, I’m Matthew with Rocket55, and welcome to another episode of Under 5.  

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September 13

5 SEO Myths We Wouldn’t Blame You for Believing

In the world of SEO, hunches don’t get results. To create an effective SEO strategy, it’s important to use tactics that are rooted in fact. Unfortunately, there are plenty of SEO misconceptions that lead businesses in the wrong direction. Much of the confusion stems from the way SEO used to be done. Just ten years

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July 31

5 SEO Facts In Under 5 Minutes, Episode 2

In this episode of 5Facts, R55 Technical SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer breaks down voice search for B2B, Google My Business posts, how to implement dynamically generated schema, how Entity Authority works, and Google’s new backlinking policies.   In the other one I just went completely off-script, but this one is going to be weird too.

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June 27

Your 5 Minute MnSearch Summit 2017 Recap

Couldn’t make it to last Friday’s MnSearch Summit? Lucky for you we sent our brightest minds (and most thorough note takers) to bring back the goods from Minnesota’s biggest search marketing event. Let’s Do This The day kicked off with a presentation from Google’s own analytics guru, Krista Seiden, titled “Moving from a Web to

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June 22

ROCKET55 PRESENTS: 5 SEO Facts In Under 5 Minutes

In this episode of 5Facts, R55 Technical SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer breaks down Google’s Project Owl, Google Data Studio, and new search algorithm updates to help business owners stay ahead of the SEO curve.   Hey I’m Matt with Rocket55, I’m a Technical SEO Specialist, and I’m here to give you five facts in under

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May 3

CarVal Investors Selects Rocket55 for SEO Work

At Rocket55, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be providing SEO services for CarVal Investors, a leading investment firm based right here in the Twin Cities. The company has an impressive portfolio, with $10 billion in assets covering both real estate and credit strategies globally. CarVal has a long track record of success, effectively having

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