April 4

The team looking over SEO results

SEO Who? 11 Key Questions to Ask SEO Experts & Agencies

SEO is a rather daunting and sometimes fickle aspect of the web. Let’s face it, some of us might not even know what it stands for (Search Engine Optimization for the uninitiated). But hiring a quality SEO professional or agency will ultimately determine the success of your online presence and inevitably your business. But with

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November 24

March 4

The Weekly Briefing: Save the Date – April 21, 2015

Our first March meeting had a lot of great news updates, follow-ups, and overall stellar information. Here are some of the highlights. Senior Account Manager Michelle Lyons and Copywriter Hannah Scherrer updated the team about Google’s new mobile search initiative. April 21, 2015, will mark a massive Google algorithm update: mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

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August 26


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of sculpting your web page content and code to be as highly presentable and technically available on your niche keyword as possible. SEO specialists call upon a variety of tasks to modify linking structure, meta tags, and page content in order to help your website to help itself.

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