March 4

February 25

December 11

The Weekly Briefing: Where to Send Your Customers to Write Google Reviews

Marketing Specialist Chip Fox discussed recent changes to Google+ that affect local businesses… Google continues to make changes to Google+, most recently separating Google Business listings from the struggling social media platform. Essentially, this means your new business listing is what appears in the knowledge graph via search results. And while G+ business pages were

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November 19

The Weekly Briefing: Google Voice Ups the Ante on Complex Questions

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders discussed how Google Voice Search is continually evolving… Google recently announced that its voice search app has grown to understand more complex questions – allowing it to better comprehend intent when device users ask questions. Areas in which the app has advanced in include superlatives, ordered items, particular points in

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September 25

September 17

The Weekly Briefing: Just What the Doctor Ordered …?

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend described Google’s new prescription for medical condition queries … This Search Engine Land article began in February 2015, when Google first launched its medical content search. Upon launch, there were approximately 400 searchable diseases and conditions. By the time October rolls around, Google’s medical content search will exceed 900 conditions, as

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September 2

The Weekly Briefing: Facebook Challenges Siri & Cortana with A.I. Assistant “M”

SEM Specialist Andrew Vandereit & Copywriter Jared Townsend discussed Facebook’s A.I. push… Watch out Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, because Facebook is launching their own A.I. assistant. Simply known as “M,” the service will be integrated into the social network’s messaging platform and will assist users with gift ideas, item purchases, trip planning, restaurant recommendations,

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August 5

The Weekly Briefing: Defeating Your Writer’s Block

Copywriter Hannah Scherrer shared a few tips to help with content ideation … Sometimes coming up with content for clients can be difficult, especially if their industries are not particularly exciting. Isla McKetta recently published a quick guide to brainstorming and delivering quality content. Horizontal thinking and lateral brainstorming were two tips to help writers

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