June 27

Your 5 Minute MnSearch Summit 2017 Recap

Couldn’t make it to last Friday’s MnSearch Summit? Lucky for you we sent our brightest minds (and most thorough note takers) to bring back the goods from Minnesota’s biggest search marketing event. Let’s Do This The day kicked off with a presentation from Google’s own analytics guru, Krista Seiden, titled “Moving from a Web to

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November 24

October 29

October 9

July 20

SEO for Apps: How Apple App Indexing is Changing the Online Optimization Field

Apple and Google both announced in June that they would start improving their app search capabilities by instituting new technologies that index deep content within apps. The specifics of Apple’s indexing approach were detailed in the first article of a three-part series from Search Engine Land. Essentially, app indexing is the accumulation of information within

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January 29

December 30

May 16

Facebook Emoticons: How Your Business Will Benefit

Remember the original Facebook status? “Lauren is:_____________” . In Facebook’s inception you were supposed to write how you were feeling. If you’ve seen The Social Network perhaps we can agree this was a good outlet for creator Mark Zuckerberg’s angst. After a while, Facebook nixed the “is” to allow for users to write anything that

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May 10

April 19

The Importance Preprocessors

There are very few excuses to forgive anyone not using a preprocessor these days.  Not only do preprocessors speed up the development process, but also, as Chris Coyier from css-tricks.com recently stated, “They make CSS fun again.” At Rocket55 our developers use Compass, which is an open-source CSS authoring framework that uses SASS (a prepropressor),

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