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The Weekly Briefing: Google Officially Confirms Top 3 Ranking Factors (Kinda)

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend shared the anticipated reveal of Google’s top three ranking factors… In an unexpected turn of events, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Andrey Lipattsev unceremoniously unveiled the top three list of Google ranking factors – links, content, and RankBrain (RankBrain holds postion #3 in order of importance, while links and content

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The Weekly Briefing: Where to Send Your Customers to Write Google Reviews

Marketing Specialist Chip Fox discussed recent changes to Google+ that affect local businesses… Google continues to make changes to Google+, most recently separating Google Business listings from the struggling social media platform. Essentially, this means your new business listing is what appears in the knowledge graph via search results. And while G+ business pages were

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November 19

The Weekly Briefing: Google Voice Ups the Ante on Complex Questions

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders discussed how Google Voice Search is continually evolving… Google recently announced that its voice search app has grown to understand more complex questions – allowing it to better comprehend intent when device users ask questions. Areas in which the app has advanced in include superlatives, ordered items, particular points in

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