January 4

5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes, Episode 7

It’s time for 5 Under 5, Episode 7! SEO Specialist Matthew Pfeifer talks about Reddit and Bing, Meta Description Increases, and Search Console Updates and more. Welcome to Under 5   The Latest in Digital Marketing in Under 5 Minutes   Hi, I’m Matthew with Rocket55, and welcome to another episode of Under 5.  

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September 9

The Weekly Briefing: It’s Time to Prove Yourself

Account Manager Alexandra Messerli talked about how social proof can boost your SEO efforts… While social media often propels social proof, it can also come from non-social platforms. Social proof is “the attempt to build credibility and trust towards your business by showcasing what others think of it.” You can build social proof from a

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May 20

May 6

March 31

The Weekly Briefing: Google Officially Confirms Top 3 Ranking Factors (Kinda)

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend shared the anticipated reveal of Google’s top three ranking factors… In an unexpected turn of events, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Andrey Lipattsev unceremoniously unveiled the top three list of Google ranking factors – links, content, and RankBrain (RankBrain holds postion #3 in order of importance, while links and content

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March 4

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