Time Machine: When Google Panda was Young

The latest Google Panda update has been globally released; according to search engine giant Google, putting SEO firms on high alert. The latest update of Google Panda, formerly known as the Farmer update, will have a major impact on high-ranking websites that are filled with low quality or redundant content. Websites that are deemed to have low quality content will see their rankings in Google searches diminish, thus making it more difficult for web searchers to discover their sites. However, websites that are categorized with unique content will have their rankings improve. Google’s new policy is designed to favor unique content and well-focused keywords over a string of meaningless meandering keywords that have filled high-ranking websites in recent years.

Minneapolis web design firm Rocket55, has kept tabs on ranking criteria since its launch, and watched as Google made several changes to its ranking algorithms in order to improve the quality of search results. Most changes have been relatively minor, but this is really one of the first major changes Google has made that has impacted several high ranking websites that previously ranked on page one of Google’s search results.

Many websites were designed and created with a plethora of meaningless keywords and copied content that accomplished little beyond driving up their rankings in order to funnel more traffic to their sites. This hurt genuine businesses that offered customers high quality content but lacked the constant spinning of keywords that the high-ranking sites offered. The new changes have leveled the playing field and have limited the rankings of second-rate sites that simply played the Google game to rank high on search results.

In the changing Internet marketing climate, you need a web design firm that firmly understands the latest Google Panda standards and can create websites and SEO strategies that are going to maximize your performance on the web. You need a firm who designs websites with unique quality in mind. In other words, you need an SEO agency in Minneapolis who knows and understands the latest Google Panda standards and will balance the needs for unique web content and the proper use of keywords to optimize websites that boost your internet marketing campaign, deliver more traffic to your website, and convert the goods and services you are promoting.