Strategic Web Design that Gets Noticed in St. Paul and Beyond

When it comes to business, your website should be a complete representation of your company. It should be the digital equivalent of what it would be like to walk into your office.

These days, a website acts as a sophisticated advertising and PR tool for your company. When people search for your business, your website is (hopefully) the first thing that they will find, and therefore it will be your official first impression for most of your customers. As with any first impression, it’s important that your website is an impactful and accurate representation of who you are.

But an attractive and functional site is not enough these days. Almost every company has a website, so how can you ensure that your website really stands out? You have to think about the path that the consumer will take to find your site. Most likely, they’ll be searching for you on Google. How can you make sure that your business will be the first thing that they see on the results page?

Get Your Site Noticed

Rocket55, premier web design experts in St. Paul, can help with all of your website needs. It starts with having our experienced web design and development team build you a functional, on-brand website you can be proud of. Going to your business is an experience for the customer, and we will translate that same experience to the digital landscape.

Once the website is built, it’s time to get noticed. That’s where our content and optimization teams come in. Whether it’s writing blog posts that cater to your customers’ interests or information about your newest specials and services, we’ll write optimized content to help you build a relationship with your consumers.

All of the content we create is optimized with the right keywords to get you noticed. These keywords ensure that your web pages are showing up on the first page of Google results pages. Hardly anyone keeps searching beyond the first page of results these days, so it’s important that you utilize strategic web design to ensure St. Paul and greater Minnesota customers can find your website easily. Rocket55 will help your business show up on page one to get the results you’re looking for.

Rocket55 and You

The main goal of a website is to spread brand awareness and increase your leads and conversions. You don’t want people to just visit your site; you want them to experience it and take steps toward doing business with you. We provide some of the best web design services in the St. Paul area to ensure you reach your goals and make business better for you. We can help you with the web design and optimization you need to positively impact your bottom line.


  • Create a unique site that is attractive, functional, and user-friendly.
  • Ensure your company’s branding is uniform throughout the website.
  • Site design and navigation tailored for SEO best practices.
  • Build sharp, clean code that is optimized for search engine scans.
  • Create keyword-rich optimized content to populate your site.

If you’re ready to step up your website game and learn more about our custom web design in St. Paul, contact us today.