The Power of a Results-Driven Local SEO Campaign in St. Paul

People trust Google. The online juggernaut has been a part of our life for decades now, and we have grown to rely on the search engine for any and everything. When we search something, we practically never go past the first few results, let alone the first page. Why? Because we trust that Google will know to show us the most relevant, reputable sites at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


Any local business owner can tell you that your reputation can make or break you. Back in the pre-Internet world, getting someone to recommend your business to their peers was the ultimate form of advertising. Nowadays, when we need a recommendation, we turn to the internet to find suggestions about where to go for what. We’ll start at the top and work our way down if necessary. Today, being on top of the search results page is the golden ticket. Unlike an in-person endorsement, when you get a glowing recommendation from one of your customers online, it resonates with your entire region and strengthens your digital reputation significantly.


Go Local


In order to run an effective internet marketing campaign, the first thing you need to figure out is where your customer base is. With a targeted local SEO campaign, your St. Paul area business will be able to figure this out and define your search criteria accordingly. Having a well defined search criteria is an advantage, especially when you have a business that depends on local customers. If you want to effectively reach the group that is most likely to shop at your business, you may be interested in Rocket55 and our SEO services.


Many businesses view web traffic in terms of quantity. Many businesses are happy with just getting web traffic at all, regardless of whether or not anything comes from the visits. However, if you really want your digital marketing campaign to be successful, you need to bring in specific internet traffic that will ensure higher conversion rates. If people are coming to your website but not doing anything once they’re there, then your SEO isn’t doing what it should be. Rocket55 is about running local SEO campaigns that get real, tangible results.


At Rocket55, we know that when it comes to web traffic, businesses care more about quality than quantity. We have developed a multifaceted search engine optimization strategy that St. Paul area businesses rely on. Rocket55 can get you those coveted top spots on a results page, thus making your site look reputable and getting you more views. Once they’re on the site, our calls to action will increase your natural conversion rates and get you real results.


Our in-depth understanding of SEO campaign St. Paul area best practices allows us to effectively grow our client’s web presences. Not only can we build you a website worth visiting, we can get people to come to your website and act when they’re there. If you are ready to get meaningful web traffic to promote your local St. Paul business, contact Rocket55 today.