How to Enhance Your Mobile Design with Rocket55

These days, everyone is spending a lot of time looking down. No, they aren’t sad. They’re looking at their phone. It doesn’t matter where they are — you can’t go anywhere these days and not see people looking at their phones.

People of all ages are completely engrossed with their mobile devices, and why not? A device that can access the entirety of the Internet while fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand is an innovation worth the fascination. Mobile Internet use has blown past desktop Internet use, and businesses have taken notice. The world of advertising and marketing is rapidly shifting from billboards to Google pages. Like everything else, business is going digital. Are you?

In today’s day and age, not having your website optimized to perform on a mobile device is one of the worst business decisions you could make. Having a website is easy enough, but to be able to translate that experience seamlessly to a mobile device is much easier said than done. The mobile web market is growing at an astronomical rate, and it’s time for your business to grow with it. It’s critical that you utilize the top Minneapolis mobile responsive design resources available. This is where Rocket55 comes in.

Mobility is necessary

Since the rise of smartphones, we’ve been hearing for years that “20XX will be the year of mobile.” We’ll leave it up to the historians to figure out when the actual “year of mobile” was, but one thing is for sure: mobile is here now and for the foreseeable future.

According to the 2017 mobile usage report, in the US 71% of digital time is spent on a mobile device. From a business standpoint, it’s important to look at this trend as a new audience. If you want to target the growing mobile audience, you need something for them to see from their devices. Take advantage of Minneapolis responsive web design experts for a cutting-edge mobile site that operates as flawlessly as your desktop site.

Rocket55 can help

Rocket55 is adept at identifying the needs of your mobile users. With countless successful Minneapolis area mobile website designs under our belt, we’re confident in our ability to build you a mobile site that you will be proud of. We can successfully take the experience of your desktop site and translate it into a fast, powerful, and user-friendly mobile site. Your mobile needs can vary, so it’s important to know what you want from a mobile experience.

Whether you don’t currently have a mobile site or just want a mobile makeover, Rocket55 has the know-how to get you something that will not only look good, but will increase your brand’s reach and improve your business. A redesigned mobile site will improve your brand awareness, get you more traffic, and increase your conversions.

Find out what Rocket55 can do for you

There’s no simpler way to put this — it’s time to go mobile. The world is continuing to turn to mobile Internet use, and if your business isn’t moving in that direction, you’re going to be at a serious disadvantage.

Rocket55 has the tools and expertise to build you a mobile site that will let your business thrive in this digital landscape. Contact us to learn more about our premier Minneapolis mobile website design services and how to take the next step toward the mobile world.