Improve AdWords Quality Score in 3 Easy Steps

Looking for simple ways to improve your AdWords Quality Score? Expected Click Through Rate, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page Relevance are the three main factors that affect your Quality Score. In order to improve your overall Quality Score, there are certain improvements you can make to raise each score.


Perhaps the most ambiguous determinate in the Quality Score trio is the Expected Click-Through-Rate (CTR). This is Google’s estimation of your ad text and how the keywords you’re purchasing have performed historically. Try to choose keywords that are closely related to the chosen ad and not too generic. By choosing keywords that are broad enough to be searched and specific enough to your business, your Expected CTR will certainly increase.


Ad Relevance measures the relationship between the keywords you are purchasing and the ad you’ve created. In order to improve this score, consider changing your ad text or creating a new ad group. If the keyword in question doesn’t appear in your ad, it’s likely one of the factors hurting your quality score. If your ad text is performing well for a majority of your keywords but there are some specific misses, create a new ad group with alternative text that includes those missing keywords.


Each ad that you make in your AdWords Campaigns will send users to your website. The page of your website you choose to send potential buyers to is important for both your user experience and your Quality Score. The landing page should have keywords in common with the ad text. If your Landing Page Relevance was given a below average score, you can alter the content of the landing page to include the chosen keywords, point the ad to a different landing page or even tweak the ad text to better match the landing page content.

Google’s goal is to create a better user experience for each visitor that clicks on the ad. Your ad’s Quality Score is a tool you can use to create this experience. A higher Quality Score from Google means the clicks will come from highly relevant viewers that are truly interested in your products or services.