Creating Engaging Content for Your Website 101

In today’s highly visual world, online content is trending away from text in favor of images and videos. This doesn’t mean that creating content is becoming obsolete or unimportant. On the contrary, text is even more important than ever. It’s vital that your web copy is done right. The average online consumer has a very short attention span, so it’s important that you capture their attention and hold it by providing content that has value and engages. Here are some simple ways of creating engaging content for your website.


On your home page and most frequented landing pages, don’t write lengthy content. Rather, focus on writing short, concise content that tells the user only the most vital information in an easily digestible format. If the user is able to easily discern your offerings and has an interest, they will click deeper into your site, where you can place more in-depth content.


Section headers are bold and easy to read. Thus, you should use this “real estate” strategically. Include hot button words in your headers that catch the eye and are of interest to your consumer. Don’t forget that the header should clearly define and surmise the content below.


Call-to-actions (CTA’s) should be used on every page of your site, not just on your home page or contact page. You want to provide the user with an “action step” on every page so that they’re not left wondering what to do or where to go. Try using CTA’s that are not gimmicky. Rather, get in the mindset of the consumer and ask yourself what they want from your site, then write your CTA’s accordingly.

Follow these simple tips and your improved content is sure to get results!