The Power of a Global SEO Campaign in the Digital Age [Case Study]

As we continue to move forward in the digital age, a global SEO campaign is within reach for more and more clients. You no longer need to feel limited by region — our growing understanding of the internet allows companies to skillfully market products and services across oceans in addition to their own back yards.

Global SEO campaigns are especially relevant for customers looking to reach a large audience in order to grow their business. Maybe you’re a large company looking to rank nationally or an agency that would have strong potential with international customers — whatever it is, a strong SEO agency can help you market to the audience that matters most.

During a large scale SEO campaign, the main target is to help the client strategically rank for a popular search term in common search engines, like Google. This ensures that the client is not left hiding in the depths of Google search results and is instead highlighted for customers that are actively looking for those product or services.

To rank well on Google, you’ll want an agency that has a proven track record of understanding the complexities of SEO to achieve ranking in incredibly competitive markets within the U.S. and around the world. Whatever your project scope is, the Rocket55 team would love to help. We have extensive experience tackling everything from small, local projects to large national-ranking campaigns. We’re up to the challenge.

Recently, Rocket55 had the opportunity to work with to improve their SEO performance. Read on to learn more about their experience.


Before Rocket55: Rocket55 helped launch within the last year. From the beginning we knew that we were up against huge competition. But we also knew that the business would be highly profitable if we could get them ranking on a popular search term.

After Rocket55: DLPLamps is number one ranking on Google for the top search term! No one knew just how much business it would mean for DLPLamps until the day we reached number one on Googe Search results. The site is now generating thousands of hits a month and converting countless sales.

Net Effect: To buy a search result in this category would cost around $5.50 per click. So for every 1,000 clicks, DLP lamps gets we are effectively saving them approximately five thousand dollars. Organic rankings like these offer the highest ROI you will find in marketing mediums!


A strong SEO agency has the potential to dramatically expand your reach as well as save you money. Organic search through SEO has the power to help you reach countless numbers of potential customers at a fraction of the price.

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