Foundations for a Better Conversation

Social marketing changes in an instant, and every day there is a new buzzword, new tool or new platform. If you’ve sat in on a marketing meeting/pitch/conversation in recent months, you’ve most likely heard the terms ‘social listening’ and ‘social monitoring.’ However, these terms are not exactly interchangeable. Social media monitoring is the stepping-stone to a bigger, strategic approach to hearing what your customers want and need.


Social Media Monitoring

Let’s say your business runs a Facebook page and a Twitter account. You monitor what is being said to your brand, mentions of your brand and corresponding hashtags. You engage with users after they have directly reached out to you. This process is reactive, and is oftentimes a response to negative feedback. Did you know that 78% of people who complain via Twitter, expect a response from that brand within 60 minutes?


Social Media Listening

Now, take your business’s same two social platforms and connect them to a social listening tool, like Nuvi or Brandwatch – and open your eyes to endless insights. These complex tools connect your accounts and allow you to setup your brand accounts with keyword filters to help you discover new conversations. These conversations are not necessarily directed at your business, but they will enable you to create valuable new relationships and strengthen brand experiences with your previous consumers. Social listening tools pull data from various social media platforms, then search the dialog and apply your filters to pull the exact data you’re looking for.

A successful social media campaign is not merely a collection of tweets and posts – it is a thoughtful and strategically planned arrangement of content. Adding a social listening component to your campaign gives your brand or business an opportunity to engage with a broader audience that may not be reached by your organic or paid social posts. Listening puts your team in control of finding and creating relationships with customers who may not know that they need you.


How Can Social Media Listening Improve Your Social Presence?

It provides insights that normal monitoring can’t accomplish. By using intelligent listening tools to analyze what your consumers are talking about, you can easily put yourself ahead of your competitors and continue to grow your business.


How It Works

Let’s say you run a coffee shop, and you’ve opened a new location in a nearby city. On top of the traditional digital advertising you may use to support the opening (think socials ads, and boosted content), social listening allows you to reach new customers in an effective and extremely personalized interaction.

By filtering keywords and phrases like ‘coffee shop,’ ‘coffee,’ ‘coffee roaster,’ and then applying a geographical radius around your new location, these extremely complex listening tools will pull any mentions of these topics within that specific geographic space. Not only does this save you time digging through countless searches of hashtags and keywords, but it also limits your search to the exact area where your potential audience lies.

After applying these filters and finding the prospective conversations, you can now directly contact them and engage. How special would you feel if a coffee shop you didn’t directly contact, reached out and offered you a BOGO coupon? New customer acquired.


Social + SEO: A Digital Love Story

While the practice of social listening requires time and devotion, the overall ROI can be substantial for brand loyalty and potential brand awareness. Additionally, further analysis of these conversations can help your overall SEO rankings. While SEO and social media are not completely compatible, they are far from being mutually exclusive. Google may be the ‘search king’, but platforms like Facebook are not far behind, which is why it’s so important to find the keywords your audience is using – and using those to help new costumers discover your brand through content creation.

For instance, what if your SEO keyword plan includes coffee shop, but you discovered that people in this specific area refer to them as coffee houses? This may be simple, but it shows the unique opportunity and value that social listening can offer. There are plenty of tools out there to generate keyword plans to help your ranking, but social listening can provide highly insightful keywords that these tools cannot generate. Integrating these new, highly targeted terms could potentially help move your rankings, and help you reach new audiences – growing your business and brand presence.


Listen to the People

Social media may not be part of the algorithm, but it is vital to your business’ digital relationships. From gaining new customers, to pushing your SERP position a little bit higher, the benefits of social listening can be extremely impactful to your digital footprint.