Facebook Versus Google in a Smear Campaign

The battle is on between Facebook and Google as both vie for the top spot in the Internet traffic war. It is being reported by USA Today that Facebook hired a PR firm to start a negative campaign about Google. The first blow was laid out when the PR firm Burson-Masteller went to numerous news companies lobbying stories about how the new “Social Circle” from Google would violate Google’s own privacy outlines for Gmail users.

Burson-Masteller first said that the claim was put forth by an anonymous company, but shortly thereafter leaked that it was Facebook.

Facebook is worried that Google is going to scrape data from Facebook in order to develop a Google social networking site. Facebook has pointed to Google News, takes articles from newspapers online and brings them together. Facebook does not want its data being used in that way.

Google has updated its search engine algorithms to include and a give more authority to information from social networking sites, prompting national and local Minneapolis web design firms to adapt their social media and web strategies. New CEO of Google Larry Page has put a new emphasis on social networking for the 2011 year. He told all employees that their bonuses would be largely impacted by the company’s performance in the social media arena.

This is not the first time the two companies have traded blows. Late last year, Google changed the terms of service on how contacts could be shared between websites. Google emphasized that contacts needed to be shared both ways for the sites to use the Google Contacts API. Facebook has long been against importing contacts and did not change their status for Google. Instead of giving in, Facebook gave users a work around to the change for Google Contacts.

With two heavyweights battling it out we will have to see how things shake out.