Choosing the Right Minneapolis Website Design Company

In the Twin Cities, there are dozens of companies looking to provide website development and design services. With so many choices available, how will you know which Minneapolis web design company is right for you? This article is here to lay out the critical factors you will need to consider when deciding which agency to partner with.


The first thing you should look into is the agency’s own website. What is the size of their portfolio? This will help to convey their depth of experience and design capabilities. Your first impression of the company is probably the same impression that most visitors get. Do the designs appeal to you? Is relevant information easy to find and digest within the first few minutes on the site, or is the structure tedious and confusing to navigate? If firms don’t address easy navigation or user experience, that company should be passed over.

Many website design companies create similar template-based websites. Although the websites look neat and professional, the novelty is simply missing. There is no harm in using a template, if the development team puts some variety into the site design. Creative design is an excellent indicator that a firm can create a truly unique web page for your company.


Evaluate the professionalism and brilliance in the website design. Explore its look-and-feel, including content development, code creation, and optimization. All of these elements — from color to font to source code — should be search engine friendly. The design should be accessible and attractive for first-time surfers as well as organized and digestible to appeal to returning users.

Look for a website design firm that has taken the time to understand the client’s business, market segment, traffic flow, behavior, and target audience. These elements should be reflected in the website.


Pay attention to the responsiveness and communication habits of the company that you are considering. A response that is quick, effective, yet friendly and helpful is ideal. Strong communication habits are key in a business partner. Beyond response time, take note of how a company lays out contracts with their clients. You will want to partner with an agency that sets out your agreement terms clearly in writing with lots of detail.

Does the company provide other suggestions for website success? Do they care about the performance of your business following the new site launch? These are important questions to ask so that you will have a better sense of how your company will be supported throughout the entire process — not just up until your site launch.


A professional website company will always be clear about price range and payment scheduling for the work they provide. Any questions regarding the costs should be posed to the firm immediately with the expectation of a clear answer. If a prospective agency is not clear about payment, this is not the right agency for you.

Beware of firms that promise cheap prices and outrageous discounts. These firms can charge such low rates because they often produce shoddy work. In other words, if a firm is charging peanuts, don’t expect to get a state-of-the-art website. On the flip side, don’t feel like you need to overspend on a specific firm simply because its portfolio includes prestigious clients. You don’t know the context of these projects, and you can easily spend far too much on mediocre design services.

Long story short: prices for web development work can vary widely. The important thing to remember is to do your own research before committing to a specific agency. With a little exploration, finding the proper website design company to suit your needs is simple.