5 Tips to Improve and Enhance Your Content

As a Minneapolis web design and content producing company, we’ve watched the ways that internet content has evolved. It has gotten to the point where good content can quite literally take on a life of its own. Through a Facebook “Like”, a link on bit.ly, an email link, a tweet, or a reblog on Digg or Tumblr, good content is just as easy to share as it is difficult to create.

In order to get people to share your content, two main variables must be considered. First, the content must relevant and information that people actually want to share. Secondly, the content must be easy to digest and easy to share. Content experts at our Minneapolis web design firm have created a list of our top 5 strategies that can help increase both the quality and the visibility of your content.


This is the most critical portion of the process and is expressly your responsibility. Make sure that your content fits into at least one of the following categories. By and large, people want:

  • New information,
  • Information that is entertaining, or
  • Information that makes them think and ask questions.


Well-organized content makes for shareable content. Organized content goes beyond arrangement on a page. Content should be easy to follow, proofread, and have a logical progression. You should organize your content around a singular theme in order to build the core audience – an audience that will happily share the content with others. Trying to market to everyone is a mistake. Market to a core audience and that core will do the rest of the work for you. Consistency in tone, subject matter, and perspective will help you establish a theme and voice.


Create a content schedule and stick to it. Your schedule should include blogs, social media, website updates, research, and sharing. Both readers and social media publishers like to see consistency, as do search engines. Creating a dynamic web presence is a great way to increase the quality of your content and your digital identity. Show love for people you consider to be influencers while still establishing yourself as a thought leader.


View your content is a lead generator. Add social media share buttons and create short links. Determine what content you want to use as leads to your website and further content and which pieces of content you want to use to impress people when they get to your (and their) desired destination. “Snackable” content is often revered as shareable – give people a taste and then show them the meal.


From a design standpoint, include relevant images to your content to provide visual variety. From a development standpoint, make sure that you optimize your content to fit into as many standardized forms as you can. Do not make people who want to share your content have to resize videos or edit text. From a marketing standpoint, make your content visible at the appropriate time on the appropriate platform.