3 Tips to Better Email Marketing Content

In marketing, you’re only as good as your content. From attention-grabbing headlines and intuitive layouts to flawless visuals, there are a plethora of aspects to consider when formulating content in any form.  Though, when crafting your email campaigns, there are several key factors that must be addressed if you wish to achieve maximum impact. Below, we’ll explore just how you can take your emails to the next level.


Subject Lines & Headers

Creating killer subject lines and headers is an extremely important part of your email content strategy. Why? Well, as for subject lines: your email content isn’t worth anything if nobody opens the email in the first place! And headers? Headers ensure that your content is easily digestible. When it’s broken up into smaller chunks with interesting, engaging headlines, readers are enticed to peruse your content from start to finish.

Here are a few guidelines to ensure that your subject lines are resulting in increased open rates:

  • Create Exclusivity – Phrases like “Early Access” and “Private Offer” can help here.
  • Create Urgency – Phrases like “Limited Time” and “Offer Ends Soon” play on the idea of scarcity, and readers truly hate to miss out!
  • Be Human! – If you sound like a robot, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Humor and personalization can help to give you an edge in connecting with your intended reader.

As for headlines, you need to be relevant, consistent, and engage your readers’ curiosity. Sometimes questions can make good headers, prompting your audience to read on to find the answers!


Main Content

Now, to the meat of the email. This is where you should be utilizing your content strategy to increase the reach of content you’ve already created – or have slated for production. You may not have thought of email marketing as something to consider as part of your overarching content strategy, but your on-going email blasts should be part of a continuous branded narrative alongside your website, social media, and other channels.

Every interaction that your audience has with your brand is crafting part of their overall experience – so how do you want to tell your story? By using a series of content pieces that flow logically from email to email, you can help your potential (or potential recurrent) customers through the buyer funnel seamlessly. From adding value before, during, and after a purchase, your email content should let your audience know that you appreciate their business and want to help them to solve whatever ailment your brand is equipped to ease. Think of your email content as a means of exchanging information – not just another advertising opportunity.

Another key aspect of your main content is including obvious ways for your audience to engage with you. From your calls to action, to social share buttons, downloads, and quizzes, you need to ensure that you have compelling next steps available for those who wish to continue the interaction. The worst thing you can do is strand a willing client or potential customer, leaving them without a simple way to continue on their journey with your brand.


Images & Design

When crafting an email, design elements make a big difference in the ways that your audience will interact with your messages. No one wants to open an email that is simply one big block of text, or have to slog through a font that is difficult to read. By using an easily legible font, and short sentences and paragraphs that are separated by lines, spacing, or other design elements, you can easily break up your content into visually pleasing sections. You will also want to make sure you distinguish headers, subheaders, and buttons/CTAs clearly, providing an easy to follow eye path for readers.

Images are another fantastic asset for email marketers. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and there’s truth behind it. Because humans process visual information faster than text, utilizing high quality, relevant imagery can help you to drive your point home. But with that said, you may want to avoid layering text on top of images, because this can be difficult to read.

Another, more recent necessity is ensuring that your email designs are mobile responsive. The trend towards smartphones over desktops/laptops continues to surge, so if you’re sending out marketing emails, you better be sure that they look immaculate on small screens as well as large.


Bringing It All Together

We all know that you need to check (and double check) your emails for spelling and grammar errors, but there is so much more to making great email content than correct syntax. By utilizing compelling subject lines and headers, ensuring that you are providing value to your audience, and employing clean, easy to navigate design, you’ll have your readers coming back for more.