October 29

A Picture Is Worth 1,000,000 Shares

Matt Siltalas, President of Avalaunch Media and the mastermind behind several well-known visual content campaigns, spent an hour sharing his expertise from the MNSearch podium.  Rocket55 was there, soaking in the wisdom and getting great ideas for our clients’ campaigns. A few tidbits on the power of Visual Content Marketing from Matt’s talk:

  • Reuse and Repurpose. If a piece of content resonates with your audience, figure out how to repackage it in a variety of formats for different platforms.  For example, if an infographic becomes popular, expand on elements in white papers or e-books for wider distribution.
  • Data, Data, Data. If you’re looking for inspiration, try your analytics.  And don’t forget social media insights data.  Your most shared Pin can become your most Liked post in another form.
  • Variety is the Spice of the Internet. Mix promotional and branded content with related and user-produced content.  The most successful campaigns take advantage of people’s varying interests to connect with their communities.
  • Interaction isn’t just for Video Games. Interactive elements like hover effects, clicks, even interactive HTML5 video, encourage playing and sharing beyond static visual content. Yes, the design is important. But so is how the user can play with the design.

Great tips for Content Marketers to keep in mind.

Rocket55 thanks MNSearch for putting on this excellent event and bringing Matt (and his epic beard, @siltalasbeard) from the warmth of Arizona to the northern tundra. (Oh, and thanks for the t-shirt!  It’s the first time our deep knowledge of the Dirty Dancing script has led to a prize.)