June 27

5 Websites That Are Killing It! (And Why)

At Rocket55 we’re in the business of understanding what makes a website rock. Now, from a general consumer perspective, you could argue that the best websites are ones that provide you with food, alcohol, clothing, or tea pot shaped mason jars (We see you, Amazon). But when you get into the nitty gritty, what are the factors that make a website great? Is it pretty color schemes, user friendliness, the services they provide?

We asked our staff of web designers, content strategists, user experience experts, and project managers (AKA the brains behind making websites shine) to find out which websites they love and what we can learn from them.


Glassdoor is a job search website that allows you to search by job title, keyword, company, location, or salary. It features articles, company reviews, interviews with employees/employers, and it allows you to create a profile so that companies can find you.

What makes this website so fantastic from a development standpoint? This is what our web development team had to say:

“Glassdoor does a great job with their navigation. Transparent navigations with images can be tricky, with consideration of the image and font, but they nail it. They also take a great approach with their dropdowns. Their full-width dropdowns with clear sublists and hover states are very user friendly and intuitive. The purpose of their site is clear and sits high above the fold with a tall search bar that lets you know exactly what you should use the website for. The site is completely responsive, and they use embedded page links and buttons to navigate to important areas of their expansive site with ease.”

There you have it. With a clear purpose, easy navigation, and mobile responsiveness, Glassdoor is leading the way in online career search.

Google Cloud Platform

Ah, Google. The search engine that tends to dominate the world wide web. Of course this digital behemoth would have some spectacular examples of good user experiences. But what makes this specific Google site so spectacular? According to our team, the best part of this site lies within the heart of every site — the homepage.

If it’s your first time on the site, you have several CTAs that give you a chance to explore. “Try It Free” or “Serverless, Just Code,” guide users without getting too pushy and give every user an avenue to engage as much as possible. The best part though? Understated design that lets the information take center stage:

“The clean, unassuming, streamlined look created by the white, gray, and signature Google blue color palette is perfectly underwhelming in the best possible way.”


Shopping online for products or services is something we all do every day, maybe even multiple times a day. With how easy it has become to access someone’s information these days, you want to know that you’re using a secure platform for payments. That’s where Stripe comes in. A full service platform for internet businesses, Stripe is setting a new bar for online payments. As a site, however, what’s the appeal?

According to our experts, Stripe has a “visually appealing design that’s more creative than the average site and is very easy to navigate.” For example, the icons throughout the homepage all move — creating visual interest — and other forms of micro animation are used throughout the site. This kind of detail helps peak interest and keeps users engaged while exploring your site. Stripe is a good example of a site that keeps you wanting to learn more.

Jan Kath

This is the most eclectic choice from our development team. Jan Kath is an award-winning oriental carpet designer that has had his work featured in art and design museums across the globe. The unique, handmade carpets are individually designed, available in over 1,200 colors, and are featured worldwide. Setting this incredible product aside, what makes this website stand out?

This site deviates from the typical way you would scroll through pages, forcing you to scroll left to right rather than up and down.

Sound odd? Our team didn’t think so. Our development manager, Nelson, had this to say:

“Normally I hate when sites hijack scrolling, but this site does a great job of making it seamless and easy to navigate despite this. The big imagery combined with generous padding around text makes the site easy to take in.”

The unique aspects of the product clearly called for a more unconventional way for visitors to experience the website, and that was accomplished brilliantly.


A no-brainer, right? A website that offers millions of songs, a chance to discover new music, and featuring new releases every week, Spotify is a prime example of a website that doesn’t necessarily require much to be alluring to consumers. But what does make Spotify so appealing?

Our resident Queen of All that Is Project Management and Trendy Hats, Angelina, gave us some insight. “Spotify’s design is clean but colorful; it’s trendy while still being easy to use. They are always updating it too, so there is a good chance that you are going to see something new.”

What Have We Learned?

Websites are the strongest when they are easy to use, have a design that is attractive while serving business goals, and are consistently updating to stay on top of consumer needs and the ever changing digital marketing world.

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