May 18

5 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About Social Media

In today’s world, people live on social media. Whether we’re messaging friends that live across the country, snapping a selfie to post on Instagram, or trying out the latest Snapchat filter, we use social platforms to connect us to the things we care about. We’re likely to run into a few ads, too. That’s why social media is a perfect medium for digital marketing strategies, as it allows your brand to meet your audience in their own space with relevant products and offers.


As with everything on the internet, there are many opinions out there regarding whether or not social media is actually a good investment for businesses. That’s why we’re here to make it easy by highlighting five social media benefits that reveal how it can elevate your business — and maybe even impress your boss.


1. Wider, More Targeted Reach

On average, Google receives 3.5 billion searches every day––a massive amount, no doubt. However, in-social network searches receive around 7.2 billion, over double that of the search giant. While SEO and social go hand in hand, this shows how social media can be a powerhouse in getting your business recognized on the web.


Erica Melchior, Boston Scientific

It’s estimated that around three-quarters of social media users in the U.S. made an online purchase within the last year. When it came to non-social media users, only 46% bought a product online. This can be unsettling for ecommerce businesses. That’s why social ads can be effective tools when it comes to commanding your audience’s attention.


Social media draws in customers because it reaches a wider audience and has more advanced targeting. For example, a consumer is more likely to be influenced by an advertisement that targets them specifically via Facebook than a more general targeted advertisement like a billboard.


2. Cost-Effectiveness

If you start out small and gain a following on a few select platforms, social media can be a very cost-effective marketing strategy. For example, when you choose Facebook (which has nearly two billion active users), you’re positioning your ads or boosted posts in a place that has the capacity to reach a large number of your potential customers.


You can also save money by enlisting the help of your employees. They are your best asset because they can share content with friends and family, and ultimately generate brand awareness, social reach, and a stronger social presence.


3. Reach Your Audience Where They Live

It’s important to know what platform your target audience values so you can invest your time and money wisely. The bottom line: you don’t need to have a hand in every marketing cookie jar. For example, if you’re a mobile photography company that caters to adventure-driven Millennials, Instagram is likely the way to go. It’s more about quality than quantity. Choose one or two social platforms that meet your audience where they live, and create a following that drives your business.


4. Improve Customer Service

Social platforms can be a great tool for customer service. It’s becoming more common for customers to deal with a product or service issue through a social platform instead of calling the company. Why? Customers are comfortable on social media, and these platforms are a quick, convenient way for customers to reach out and feel like they’re being heard.  


Overall, 57% of small business owners say that a strong customer base drives repeat business. Social platforms can be a tool to develop and nurture that customer base, especially when it comes to reviews. Customer comments can be helpful in many ways:

  • Help your business remain transparent, which builds consumer trust
  • See what’s working and what isn’t so you can adapt quickly
  • Correct issues and turn a negative customer experience into a positive one

When you acknowledge positive and negative reviews, you’re creating brand loyalty by showing customers firsthand that you want to respond to their needs and correct any issues.


It’s also important to be proactive and respond quickly. Generally, customers are looking for a response within 24 hours. With Twitter, it’s even shorter — 53% of users expect it within an hour. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be the customer response guru and know the answer to every problem. As long as you acknowledge customer comments, you’ll show them that you’re paying attention and care.


5. Listen in for Insights

Social media listening is a great customer intelligence tool that allows you to connect with your audience by following company mentions. A key aspect in the world of social is to engage with your customers, so it’s important to pay attention to who is mentioning your business and how.


Social media listening also helps to identify potential clients or customers who aren’t directly engaging with you. This can be helpful for B2B companies during conferences or events, since these situations put you in the middle of your target audience. For example, there may be a hashtag associated with an event. By searching for that hashtag on social and reviewing comments connected to it, you can potentially find prospective clients or networking opportunities.


What’s the bottom line? The digital space is becoming more powerful than ever when it comes to marketing. By choosing to advertise on social media, you’re merging your business with a platform that thrives on engagement and connection. Say goodbye to traditional marketing and hello to your new customer base.


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