April 20

5 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About SEO

Over the past few years, SEO has gone from being an afterthought to one of the highest priorities for businesses in every industry. What has led to this collective change of heart? Effective digital marketing strategies tend to mirror the way people naturally behave — today, we pull out our phones to search on Google for the nearest pizza place, highest-rated doctor’s office or fastest delivery service without batting an eye.

It makes sense that businesses increasingly want to capture and compete for people’s attention during these “micro-moments,” when potential customers already have a goal or intention in mind. Situations like these have caused such a disruption in the marketing world that utilizing search engine optimization services is now the expectation rather than the exception for businesses.

If your boss has been on the fence about implementing SEO strategies, read on to learn how to make the case for organic search.


  1. The Storefront You’re Not Using

If you have a business that relies solely on in-store visits to sell to customers, you are missing out on countless sales opportunities. Think of the front page of Google as prime real estate, except you don’t have to break your budget to set up shop there.

Even if you don’t sell items directly online, introducing your business to new customers at the right time can lead them to your location. In fact, searches for businesses “near me” have doubled over the last year. Clearly, users value convenience, and a highly optimized website provides it for them with instant solutions at their fingertips.


  1. Residual Effects

Unlike other marketing initiatives that, while still effective, might only last for a short amount of time, strategic SEO has long-term benefits. One form of a lasting SEO advantage is a more user-friendly website for your company. Today, Google can decipher the content on webpages more accurately than ever before. Google’s algorithms reward pages that provide valuable information for popular search queries.

Because today’s most effective SEO practices incorporate a better on-site experience for visitors, making changes to improve SEO also improves your website as a whole. Even if people don’t find your site through organic search, you are more likely to drive leads when your content is useful and the interface is intuitive.


  1. Cost-Effective

It’s best to look at SEO as a long-term investment. Getting to the front page for specific keywords might take hard work and expertise, but once you’re there, the benefits become clear. If you rarely, if ever, visit the second results page of Google, you’re not alone — 75% of searchers never venture past the first page.

As the number of organic results on Google’s first results page has recently decreased from an average of 10 to 8.5, the value of each of those organic positions has gone up. If you invest a portion of your budget towards reaching the front page for targeted keywords, you are putting far more eyes on your brand over an extended period than you otherwise would.


  1. Reaching the Right People

Other than search, there is no other form of digital marketing where your customers will literally spell out what they are likely to want or need from you. It is possible for SEO specialists to identify exactly which queries your company’s customers are typing into Google and shape an SEO strategy around those terms. The end result is not only more visits to your website, but more qualified visits.

A search query such as, “organic dog food downtown Minneapolis” provides a wealth of information about the searcher. Besides the fact that they own an anti-GMO dog, SEO experts know the person cares about healthy food for their dog and where they are looking to buy. If their client runs a pet shop in the area, they may target terms like this to find people that are already looking for products they sell.


  1. Trust and Credibility

Consider how you interpret organic search results yourself. Would you trust a result on page one more than page 12? The popularity of Google (accounting for 76% of all web search traffic) has shown that people are willing to put at least some faith in the search giant’s ability to sift through the one billion plus websites that exist to find the most relevant results.

Once you’ve made it to the front page for a keyword, the next step is to catch the searcher’s eye with an enticing title tag and meta description. SEO professionals create a short amount of copy for these areas to communicate your brand’s message in clear and trustworthy language. Your business is the solution to their problem.


A Clear Choice


SEO might not have the lengthy history of traditional marketing or the instantaneous results of paid search, but if done correctly, it provides results in a space where your customers already spend their time. Even if your boss chooses to ignore SEO, his competitors will not. Getting to the front page of search results takes time and patience, but the positive results are well worth the effort.

Not many people would decide to run a business that is impossible to find, yet that is exactly what happens without SEO. As long as people use search engines to find what they’re looking for, SEO can be used as a competitive advantage for businesses in every industry.

If you’re looking for experts to take your SEO to the next level, learn more about our services and give us a call today!