March 14

5 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is beginning to dominate the marketing landscape in many industries, but getting started can open a Pandora’s box of questions and concerns. Pivoting away from the norm of traditional media is not an easy task, and marketing blood and tears can be shed just to get leadership on board.

Lucky for you, we have compiled 5 Pay-Per-Click advertising benefits that can settle some nerves and make you look like an elite marketing innovator to your higher-ups.


  1. PPC Means You Only Pay When People Click Your Ad

Contrary to traditional forms of media where spend is based on impressions, PPC advertisements only cost you money when they are clicked. An added benefit is that every impression is shown to an engaged user actively searching for your product/service or browsing websites relevant to your brand. A billboard advertisement, for example, is often shown to passive audiences that may not even notice it.

Additionally, you set the amount you are willing to spend per click. This way you only spend the amount you have budgeted per day, and once your budget is reached your ads will no longer be shown for that day.


  1. PPC is More Trackable Than Traditional Media

Imagine being able to determine which specific ad, time, and location generated a sale or lead. With PPC you can track all these facets in real time and use the data to optimize your campaigns to take advantage of your successes. Being able to track your marketing results and ROI is crucial to obtaining marketing dollars and proving you know what you are doing.

Traditional advertising is also often tested before hitting the market, which costs money and time, but PPC allows you to test and update every day. If your billboard flops, you’re stuck. If your PPC ads do the same, you can change your messaging and get back in market in minutes.


  1. PPC Allows for Easy and Effective Targeting

Chances are, you’ve already determined the ideal customer for your brand. Maybe they are a specific gender, age group, income level, or other demographic. PPC utilizes advanced targeting that allows you to serve your ads only to the people that fit your defined customer profile. To use the billboard example again, good luck getting this kind of targeting on a highway.

Demographics are just one form of targeting. Here are a few other unique ways to reach your audience:

  • Geofencing – Target a geographic radius around key locations or events
  • Online Behavior – Target based on the searches, interests, and online activities of your audience
  • Remarketing – Builds a list of your website users and delivers ads to them on other websites they visit
  1. PPC Allows You to Inform Broader Business Decisions

Due to the easy tracking and testing of PPC advertisements it should come as no surprise that the findings from your campaigns can positively impact your overall brand strategy. The data you collect can provide detailed information on the following:

  • Messaging – What ad copy and benefits resonate most with your audience
  • Demographics – Which genders, age groups, income levels, etc. convert the most
  • Customer Behavior – What are people searching for, their shopping trends, recent purchases, and long-term interests
  • Locations – Which geographic locations yield the most traffic and conversions
  • Timing – What time of day and day of the week are people most likely to convert

This valuable data can inform your marketing for anything from TV messaging, to which gender’s face should go on your billboard, to framing the release of a new product line.


  1. PPC Uses Many Different Types of Ads

With a constantly growing portfolio of ads available on desktop, mobile, and tablet, you’ll have total visibility in all corners of the internet. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most common ads:


Display Ads

  • Utilize the Google Display Network to promote ads across millions of websites
  • Allow for infinite creativity and messaging

Display Responsive

  • Also utilize Google Display Network
  • Layout reformats depending on the device and placement on a website for the optimal user experience

Search Text Ad

  • Ads are only shown to users directly searching for your products or services on search engines

Call Only Ads

  • Allows users to directly call your number from the ad

Gmail Ads

  • Delivers an ad directly to targeted Gmail accounts

YouTube Ads

  • Delivers a highly visible ad on YouTube videos
  • Multiple ad styles
  • If ad is skipped you are not charged

App Install Ads

  • Directly generates an app install


Much to the dismay of conventional advertising agencies, TV, print, radio, and other traditional forms of media are losing relevancy, fast. Every day it becomes clearer that advertising is moving to the digital space and all signs are pointing to a market takeover in the future. With on-the-fly optimization, in-depth data analysis, advanced targeting techniques, and infinite ad possibilities, PPC is leading the charge.

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