December 7

5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes, Episode 6

It’s time for 5 Under 5, Episode 6! SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer talks about wait times for local results, Twitter changing character limits, Instagram removing recency from its stories, Facebook Local, and 2017 local ranking factors.

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The Latest in Digital Marketing in Under 5 Minutes


Hi, I’m Matthew Pfeifer with Rocket55, and welcome to another edition of “Under 5”.


Wait times for local results. Essentially, what this is going to be is under “Popular Times,” you know how you see it right now how it breaks down when the busy parts of the day are, it’s going to break down what the wait times for each of those hours is. You’re going to be able to click into it, into each different hour, and it’ll estimate how long of a wait, on average, people have there. Why this matters? Well, it’s just another incremental step towards entity authority. This mixture of rating your business from an online perspective and an offline perspective.


Twitter has changed to a 280 character limit tweet. Previously, Twitter only allowed you to do 140 characters in one tweet. Some people were frustrated with the fact that they would have to go back and edit themselves, and since Twitter has kind of hit a stagnant user growth, they’re trying to shake things up in different ways. So, one test they performed was a 280 character limit tweet, and what they found is that only about 5% of them actually utilized more than 140 characters.


Instagram removing recency from it’s Stories. What is it? Instagram has a Story much like Snapchat, where you’re able to post a video or pictures. What has happened here is you no longer have to have recency meaning you don’t have to have just taken the picture or just taken the video within the last 24 hours. For brands, it’s going to matter the most, because you’re going to be able to curate much higher quality content because you’re not having to take videos from the last 24 hours or pictures from within the last 24 hours. You can use it from years past if you want. Now, Instagram’s worry with this all is that being able to curate your content is going to give it a much less “in the moment” feel. No one can say for certain, but we’ll see what happens here in the coming future.


Facebook Local. Facebook Events, the once-competitor to Google Calendars, is now taking on a new position. They’re revamping a little bit. And what it’s going to be is more like a Yelp or Foursquare, where it’s going to try and connect you and your friends to events close by, or wherever you’re looking, and more like real time. So, you’re able to see, you know, I’m here, and right over there is this event and right over there is that event. Now, you’ll be able to set parameters as well. Let’s say you’re not interested in religious events but you are in festivals. Well, you’ll be able to choose that, simple as that. This is going to be another way for Facebook to advertise. This is just speculation, but that’s what I assume Facebook is trying to do here to increase ad revenue.


2017 Local Ranking Factors. Local SEO Guide did a study of 100,000 different websites with 200 different ranking factors to try and find out what the commonalities between these different websites and ranking locally were. And what they found is once again, this connection between online presence and offline presence, or entity authority. What they realized is that your content optimization is going to be your #1 ranking factor. Let’s say you rank strongly for a keyword like “best SEO agency Minneapolis”. Well, most likely, your local posting is going to show up higher than somebody who doesn’t have Minneapolis in their terms. But what’s really more shocking is that 26 out of the 50 factors that they really found to correlate were all about reviews. Getting frequency reviews, how many star ratings they have, how often you respond to those reviews, and so forth. So, what you’re seeing here is this ever-growing need for more entity authority. So, curating these reviews and making sure that you’re always responding to any negative ones, and you know, as best as you can, trying to get the highest star rating, is going to make you show up in the local pack the highest, or most often.


I’m Matthew Pfeifer, and this has been another installment of Under 5. Stay tuned for next month’s!