May 24

2010 Web Design Trends

2010 has and will continue to produce a variety of trends in Web design. Trends are both loved and hated by many, but are trends nonetheless. The ideas and trends continue to grow, develop and shift as the year goes on, helping both the Web sites and the Web designers evolve.

Thoughts from Minneapolis Web Design

Some of the trends surrounding 2010’s Web design revolve around headings and type.  Typography continues to be a major trend in 2010. Oversized logos, headers and footers are gaining popularity to help increase brand recognition. Slab typefaces also go along with large headers and are all capital letters that are bold and striking that help express a company’s identity.

Other trends relate to the overall page layouts. One-page layouts are becoming quite popular to help focus on personal profiles. Web designs are also paying homage to retro design. A successful retro design focuses on inspiring and exuding a playful tone. Because of the recent transition of the print media to online, magazine layouts have become trendy. A magazine layout allows the viewer to see everything quickly because all of the information is on one home page.

There are also some design and graphic specific trends in 2010. Minimalism is key for Web design in 2010. Websites contain lots of white space and showcase new colors. There has also been a change in sketching or hand-drawn designs to use a personalized design that helps them become of the overall corporate design.