October 22

5 Steps for a Viral Marketing Campaign

The effectiveness of a viral marketing campaign is measured by how well it accomplishes its goals, be it increasing sales, boosting web traffic, or simply generating new leads or links. The successful viral marketer will analyze past campaigns and take these helpful steps to improve their performance.

1)    Learn from feedback. Whether you are sifting through your feedback and comment section, or just checking your site’s inbox, recognize which comments provide helpful criticism and make any needed changes. Take into account any messages that offer opinions as to what your site does well or what could be improved, and use these to mold your page into a more appealing version of its former self.

2)    Analyze Trends. See if you can notice trends that are taking place within your domain.  Numbers can provide helpful insights into your viewers’ habits. For instance, are you getting more page views on weekdays than on weekends? Use this information to coordinate the release of new content. You may find that you can reach a broader audience and increase interest. Analyze statistics on Tweets, Diggs, Thumbs Up, and other social review tools to see what type of content generates the best public response.

3)    Optimize. Social review tools can immensely helpful in accomplishing goals. Whether you intend to increase sales, or just boost your number of Rss Subscribers, optimize your website to encourage the use of these traffic bonanzas. Increase icon size and placement to make them more obvious and available to viewers. Helpful reminders don’t hurt either.

4)    Build Your Following. If you are having good results with social review tools, but think you can do better, contemplate increasing your traffic by exploring secondary options. You may find that there are many blogs and social sites that you have not yet tried or found that have the potential to greatly increase traffic. For example, foreign websites are a great source of views. Make sure to get your link out there as much as possible.

5)    Form Relationships. One of the most effective ways to increase the range of your viral content is to share it with those who do it best. If you have a post you think is worthy of the big time, submit it to those who can really put it out there. Many newspapers will gladly print a link for a chance to increase their own readership. Whatever industry you are in, going straight to the top will no doubt generate thousands of new views. ALWAYS make sure to thank whoever gives you a link; make sure they know you appreciate it. Forming good relationships will ensure that it can happen again in the future.

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