March 26

Video & Website Engagement

The goal of a website is to provide information for the consumer and to eventually make money. To make money, a website has to generate a solid traffic flow while minimizing bounce rates. There are many methods of driving and keeping traffic on a website, some being much more successful than others. One of the newer, more successful ways to generate and keep traffic that transfers into leads is video integration.

Videos have the ability to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time in a very meaningful way. A large-scale example of this is the Super Bowl. Companies spend millions of dollars to get their commercial to air during the commercial breaks of the big game. Although companies pay millions to have a 30 second commercial, a video for your website costs a fraction of that and can be just as effective at creating a memorable connection with the consumer.

Effective video communication can be done with a simple testimonial style video. When you think of testimonial, what comes to your head is probably a video of a current client talking about the product or service. This type of testimonial is called an opinion-testimonial. This technique is from real people with good experiences using the certain product or service. Humans are relational and enjoy seeing people just like themselves reviewing the product or service they’re looking into. A great example of an opinion-testimonial is found on our client, Amaris Custom Homes, website:

The second style of testimonial video is instructional, or how-to, which gives important information about the product or service in the least amount of time. This type of video shows different aspects of the product or service and its benefits visually instead of textually. A good example of an instructional-testimonial is found on our client, Elite Destination Homes, website:

Video has been proven to make a more lasting impression than text and static images alone. Society as a whole is becoming increasingly visual, so it is every businesses job to accommodate and connect to the consumer. Video testimonials allow potential customers to see firsthand how your company works and how they can benefit from your product or service.