May 13

Utilizing Social Media to Gain Leads

In today’s digital age, social media continues to play a vital role in gaining leads.  Leads are typically defined as interest in your company’s products or services, overall resulting in what we’re all trying to achieve: profit. And while you can easily have social media presences on a variety of top social sites, if you’re not using them correctly, it could all be for naught. But exactly how do you make sure your social presences are capable of gaining leads to the best of their abilities? Consider the following –

Audience Engagement

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are great platforms for engaging your target audience in a way that’s personal, but at the same time public. Through audience engagement, you’re able to show that you’re an expert in your respective field. Respond to customers in a manner that’s cordial, address them personally, and let the rest take care of itself: others viewing your social site posts will likely read into such conversations, gain trust in you as a communicator and be more likely to use your products or services.

Social Ads

Social ads remain an effective means for promoting your company’s online presence. Whether you’re considering a sponsored post or an ad that’s more general, costs for such services remain relatively affordable. They provide word of mouth and they’ll likely help you receive more likes or followers. However, this doesn’t necessarily translate into immediate leads. For 2014, it’s likely better to take the sponsored post route. Facebook previously admitted that on average, posts by companies reach just 16% of followers, according to a Mashable report. By promoting your post, you get your conversation pushed to the front of the line – something that leads to more social media engagement.


Web conferencing is a good way to show that you’re an expert in your respective industry. But instead of making it about your specific products or services, consider making the topic about a hot industry trend. This will attract people who are outside your immediate client circles. For this category, we recommend trying Google+ Hangouts. If properly utilized, you’ll be able to form new partnerships and gain new customers.

Portfolio of Work

One part of social media that’s all too commonly overlooked is a company’s portfolio of work. You’ll want your social sites to feature extensive images of your products or services. Don’t be afraid to post videos of how your products or services are used. By seeing your offerings in a more detailed manner, it’s more likely that people will consider buying.


Contests remain an effective means for gaining leads. Not only do they show that your company is fun, they engage your audience on a level that gets them excited. Consider offering one of your own products or services up as the prize. If the winner likes what he or she wins, they’ll be more likely to purchase your other offerings.