April 11

Upside of Google’s Panda/Farmer Update

As many in the SEO world know, the Panda Farmer update has reeked havoc on the rankings of many sites.  However, in some cases the effect has had the opposite effect.  Many of the sites that were above our clients have now slipped beneath us.  These were the sites with thousands of junk links that we used to scratch our heads and say “how the hell do they out rank us.”  These sites displayed all symptoms of being bolstered by spammy links and duplicate content in mass.  Well with the Panda Farmer update the playing field seems to be leveled.  All those sites are in our rear view mirror.  This being said we are seeing problems with SEO clients who had employeed some less than ethical link building strategies in their past.  The net effect remains to be seen, but for now I think the bar has been raised for what is the minimum standard of strategy by the industry.