May 1

Trust in Advertising

Advertising: every business uses it, every person is exposed to it in some way. But how effective is it? With the constant stream of advertising being thrust at them from every direction, how effective is advertising to the average consumer?

Because people are exposed to advertising in so many different mediums, it all comes down to which forms they can actually trust. As the infographic shows, there isn’t a lot of trust surrounding traditional advertising for many consumers. Consumer opinions and recommendations are overwhelmingly the most trusted forms of advertising.

That being said, utilize consumer opinions and recommendations to help advertise your company. Having open forums for discussion for your customers is a great way to open those channels of communication. Use sources like Blogs, Facebook and Twitter to give people the chance to advertise your product or service. And best of all, these are free services for your company.

Traditional advertising has many great benefits, but sometimes just hearing what other consumers have to say is all the advertising a person needs to hear. People trust their peers, so allow your customers to have the chance to engage with each other.