October 12

Top 10 Web Design Trends

Staying up to date with the latest trends is important in any industry.  You definitely don’t want to be the only one left behind.  The Internet is constantly changing so it’s important that your website changes with it.  The following is a countdown of the top ten most recent trends in web design as chosen by Minneapolis web design firm Rocket55.

10.  A mascot. Mascots are a great way for people to remember your website.  It’s been found that websites with mascots are easier to remember.  Having something like Twitter’s cute blue bird will be easy for your clients to recognize.

9.  Typography. Until recently the only fonts you could use on a website were those already installed on your computer or programs.  Now however, there are programs that allow you to make your own fonts.  Your fonts should still be easy to read, but this will make it easier for your website to stand out.

8.  Ribbons and banners have been around for a long time, but now they are easier to develop.  Since they look so nice and are now easier to develop they are starting to appear on more websites.

7. Website animation.  Scrolling images across your homepage, like a slide show, makes it easier for people to understand what things they will find on your website without having to actually navigate through your website.  This is far more convenient for users and thus growing in popularity.

6. Modal pop up boxes.  These are the boxes that pop up onto a website and ask you to sign in before proceeding.  These boxes are becoming so popular because users don’t have to navigate away from the page they are on to log in and continue to use the website.

5. Oversized icons.  This practice began with the Mac OS X system and has really grown in popularity.   The size of the icons are easy to see on any size screen and more noticeable than words alone.  Icons have become so popular that many times users can see them and understand what they mean even without a description next to them.

4. Multi column menus.  Since there are so many options on websites menus can get lengthy.  By adding multiple columns to these menus they can continue to stay only in the upper portion of the page.

3. Touch screen design.  With cell phones and tablets so popular for Internet use it’s important to design a website that will be easy to navigate without a mouse.  Many people are using their touch screen phones and tablets to view your website so making them friendly to these users is important.

2. Fixed position navigation.  This is when the navigation bar for your website stays in the same position no matter where you scroll to on the page.  These are popular because users can look around a page and not have to scroll somewhere else to find the navigation bar again to move to another page.

1. Responsive website design.  This means making your website compatible to any screen.  As previously mentioned people are using cell phones and tablets just as much as computers to surf the Internet.  This makes it very important for your website to be adaptable. Having a responsive website will allow your website to have the same content in multiple formats for easy use and navigation on any device.

There they are, the top ten most popular web design trends.  Make sure you take a look at them and decide which ones your website needs.  Without at least some of these trends on your website you may fall behind.