September 25

The Weekly Briefing: Will Your TV Habits Impact Your Search Results?

The latest headlines that were discussed at our weekly briefing:

Will Your TV Habits Play a Factor in Search Results?

VP of Search Kyle Scott presented on an interesting patent recently filed by Google. According to a report from Search Engine Land, the tech giant could use a technology on user devices to determine which shows people are watching. After figuring out which shows are playing within the proximity of your device, the device could then alter your Google search results to be more specific to what you’re watching. We think it’s less likely that Google would actually use your device’s microphone to listen in on shows, but more likely that the technology would rely on some form of device-to-television syncing.

Making a Marketing Push on Black Friday

Senior SEO Specialist Samantha Lunzer discussed an article from Armando Roggio of PracticalEcommerce covering how online retailers can make a bigger marketing push on Black Friday. As you’re probably already aware, Black Friday is one of the biggest sales days in America, whether you’re an online retailer or brick-and-mortar store. Roggio’s recommendations include creating a landing page for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering an email subscription to help keep shoppers informed of your deals, engaging customers with “shopping-related” content, creating and promoting a flyer of your deals and making smart buys in the purchasing department.

Bing Adds SEO-centric Campaign Planner

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend discussed a new tool launched by Bing aimed at helping advertisers better focus their digital campaigns by targeting certain keywords. Simply called “Campaign Planner,” the tool allows marketers to view the performance of competitors, view keyword suggestions searched by device, in addition to a number of other helpful insights. The offering appears to be pretty similar to some of the features competitor Google offers with its AdWords platform.

Emphasizing Quality Content

SEO/SEM Specialist Angela Sanders talked about a blog post from Marcus Tober of emphasizing why having quality content is becoming highly prevalent compared to just simply focusing on keywords. In the post, Tober highlights Moz’s Searchmetrics Ranking Factors 2014 report – a fascinating analysis that shows decreasing keywords in website URLs, in backlinks and other areas – all factors playing a smaller role in how websites actually rank via search engines.