January 7

The Weekly Briefing: What to Add, Remove, and Watch for in 2016

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders shared some predictions for content marketing trends in 2016 …

If there is one thing digital marketers love to do it is predict the future – the future of content marketing, Google algorithms, new technologies, social media platforms, and Internet revolutions. Recently, content marketing leader Contently published its list of 2016 predictions, which featured at least a couple ideas worth mentioning.

  • The biggest takeaway is how SEO managers and content creators will merge into one department. In order to achieve optimal visibility on the Internet, SEO and content marketing strategy must work together. Remember RankBrain? How about the Panda and Hummingbird algorithms? Content and SEO need each other.
  • 2016 will also be the year that brands accept content marketing as a marketing tool AND an organizational tool – storytelling is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the digital world. Internal and external communication will require it.
  • To keep up with the unquenchable thirst for more, relevant content, it would be more beneficial to publish less short bursts of content and strategic amounts of long-form content that “will shake up your industry.” While posting frequently is admirable, you’ll see a better ROI on content you took a little longer to research and produce.

Remember, content isn’t limited to just the words on a webpage. Graphics, videos, and slide shares are included in this predictive scope. Get creative!


SEO Copywriter Hannah Scherrer announced the slow retirement of the “Testimonials” page on websites …

Let’s be honest – businesses like testimonials, and customers like reviews. While you may enjoy reading your company’s client testimonials every morning to put you in good spirits, you are probably the only one reading them. Yes, you can make the argument that “testimonials are reviews!” You’re right. However, you get to choose which reviews are featured on your testimonials page and, suddenly, these “reviews” are all glowing … but one-sided. Make it your 2016 resolution to embrace and link to reviews from (breathe deep, now) third-party sites. Not only will audiences appreciate your transparency, but also Google will do the work when it comes to promoting your reviews. Good or bad, you can use these reviews to learn more about your customers and develop a more effective plan for success as the year continues.


Internet Marketing Specialist Chip Fox talked about the “uber-consumers” most businesses are missing out on…

Demographics and buyer personas are all well and good, but they sometimes (unintentionally) exclude an important audience segment. Are you running through a list in your head of who that might be? Who are those “uber-consumers” I’m not reaching? We’re talking about Gamers. Gamers are no longer limited to those who spend hours defeating bosses and saving princesses. In fact, gaming now includes watching gameplay on YouTube. According to a new report from Google, YouTube Gamers are more likely to purchase more entertainment, electronic, computer, smartphone, and car products and services than the general online population. These Gamers are also mistakenly thought of as being young adults and teens, when in reality, over 33% of Gamers are 34-years-old …with children. If you are looking to revitalize your digital marketing efforts this year, this would be a valuable channel to consider.