August 14

The Weekly Briefing: SSL Certificates Give New Meaning to SEO

It’s now mid-August and as we head towards the final days of summer, the digital landscape continues to drastically change. This week’s Monday morning meeting at Rocket55 brought to light some pretty important digital topics and trends:

HTTPS Better for SEO
VP of Marketing Kyle Scott reported on Google’s plan to give sites with SSL certificates higher rankings in search results. In other words, if you own and operate a site that has an “https” address rather than “http”, you could be in store for a rankings boost. Google wants all sites to be secure and stands ready to reward those currently with SSL. If you don’t have SSL, it’s now time to considering adding it. This news brings a new dimension to search engine optimization – one that’ll likely see more companies investing in security for the purpose of boosting their search rankings. As of now, having an https address is considered a minor benefit, but a report from Matt McGee of Search Engine Land noted it could grow stronger heading into the future.

New Tracking for Google Adwords

Copywriter Angela Sanders discussed a report from Jennifer Slegg of SEM Post on Google’s plan to change tracking for its Adwords tool. Currently, Google Adwords tracking considers someone on mobile using apps and the browser as two separate people – something that adds a bit of confusion for advertisers who are looking for consistent and accurate information on advertising data. The tweak will change just that – allowing advertisers to see anonymous tracking data on mobile users with more consistency.

Keeping Organized with Link Building

Digital Marketing Specialist Tyler Halonen discussed an article from Casie Gillette of Search Engine Land on tools you can utilize for effective link building campaigns. If you haven’t checked these out, consider the following: Google Spreadsheets (obvious but important), Raven Tools, BuzzStream, YesWare, Boomerang, Calendar Reminders and Twitter lists. However, one of the more interesting ones listed is something called Gmail Canned Responses. Canned Responses allow a Gmail user to set up a basic template outline for emails. Of course for the purpose of link building, outreach emails are highly important. And while you never want to send the same exact outreach email to multiple people, being able to tweak a pre-set email template emphasizes message consistency while saving time.

Gmail Recognizes Emails Addresses with Non-Latin Characters

Digital Marketing Specialist Jared Townsend reported on a change Google made to its email service. Gmail will now start recognizing messages sent from emails containing non-Latin and accented characters. This recognition follows the creation of a new email standard developed in 2012 by the Internet Engineering Task Force. In a blog post, Google referred to this as a “first step toward more global email.”