August 7

The Weekly Briefing: Google Brings Adwords Express to Android & iOS

The top stories from this week’s Monday morning meeting highlighted big news concerning two of the tech world’s biggest players. Yep, you guess it: Google & Facebook. We detail those stories below:

Advertising with AdWords Express

Digital Marketing Specialist Michelle Lyons discussed Google’s launch of an app for Google Adwords Express for both Android and iOS mobile devices. With the application, Adwords viewers can track advertisement statistics on the go – allowing them to see how many views and clicks their ads are receiving. But most interestingly, the app lets users target their ads in more specific markets, letting them select specific areas and zip codes.

Quicker Verification for Google My Business

Digital Marketing Specialist Jared Townsend discussed Google’s plans to simplify the verification process for Google My Business listings. In case you missed it, Google announced Google My Business back in June. It’s a tool that streamlines all Google features for small businesses under one simple platform. It other words, it lets business owners easily update their company’s info in Google tools like Search, Maps and Google Plus all through one centralized submission tool (in addition to adding photos, company news and more). With the latest update, instead of having to wait a week or so for Google My Business listings to be verified, the majority of business owners can now instantly verify their company listings through an option on Google Webmaster Tools.

‘Read-It-Later’ on Facebook

Copywriter Angela Sanders reported on Facebook’s addition of a “Read-It-Later” option for stories appearing on Newsfeed – whether they’re viewed through mobile or the desktop. For example, if a Facebook user sees a link to a news story posted by someone else on Newsfeed and can’t read it at the time, they can now essentially bookmark it to be read later.

Spotting Fake Facebook Fans

Social Media Manager Paige Craig discussed a report from Kandice Linwright of Social Media Examiner on how to spot fake Facebook fans – thus protecting your company account in the process. Linwright suggested that fake Facebook fans (whether or not you’ve purchased them) hurt your social engagement. In effect, when Facebook notices that your fans are fake, your company page updates are less likely to appear on the newsfeed. So how do you protect yourself against this? Fake Facebook fans are relatively easy to identify: The person may be listed as living in a location not really relevant to your business, they may not post or interact often and their profile and cover photos may appear suspicious. The good news: You can easily remove these spammy profiles by simply clicking a Facebook option that says, “Remove.” (Appears under “Make Admin”)