June 20

The Weekly Briefing: Barnacle SEO, Site Launches, Social & More

Social media has continued to make headlines as we head into late June. But it’s not the only thing that was covered. The tech community provided some pretty insightful advice on topics related to both website design and SEO – two subjects that should always go hand in hand when planning any successful web presence. Without a doubt, this Monday’s morning meeting seemed to cover all sides of the tech spectrum:

What is Barnacle SEO?

Internet Marketing Specialist Samantha Lunzer watched a video from Moz.com’s Rand Fishkin on the topic of “Barnacle SEO,” a term originally coined by Will Scott of Search Influence. Barnacle SEO means attaching your online brand to websites that rank in the top of Google for highly searched keywords.

As an example, Fishkin pointed to OSFAshland.org, a website for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Fishkin noted that the website didn’t rank in the top of Google when looking up the highly competitive search term “Shakespeare Quotes.” But instead of trying to get the website to rank in the top of Google for “Shakespeare Quotes,” barnacle SEO offers a much different strategy: If you can’t beat them, join them. In other words, leverage those higher ranking websites to your advantage. Let’s say Wikipedia’s Wikiquote page on “Shakespeare Quotes” ranks at the top. Chances are you’ll never surpass Wikipedia – but that’s okay. If possible, try to add references or even offer your own media image, things that link back to your own website. And while you’re not ranking on the first page of Google, utilizing barnacle SEO at least lets you build your brand in some form on those bigwig webpages a lot of people are viewing.

YouTube Subscriber Counts

Marketing Director Caitlin Tvrdik reported on YouTube’s plan to remove suspended accounts as still counting as channel subscribers – in turn, giving YouTube channel hosts a more accurate depiction on what their fan base actually is. “This means some of you will notice a minor drop in your subscribers. To be clear, these are not active viewers, so you shouldn’t see any impact on your views or watch time,” stated YouTube via its blog.

Facebook Gets More Specific with Ads

Social Media Manager Paige Craig reported on Facebook’s plan to use your browsing activity on the social media site as a means to target you with more ads that fit your interests. For example, if you happen to like a post about NASA and outer space, perhaps you’ll now see more ads related to telescopes and museums. And while the feature is on by default, you can opt out.

Website Launch Mistakes

Rocket55’s web developer reported on an article from Sitepoint’s Gabrielle Gosha highlighting four common mistakes that can ruin a site launch. According to Gosha, errors include neglecting site promotion, neglecting SEO, having bad content and a big one – failing to notice if your website doesn’t work on a particular browser.