October 8

The Weekly Briefing: A Privacy Conscious Alternative to Facebook?

The latest headlines from our weekly meeting:

Say Hello to Ello

Lead Designer Gunnary Gray presented on an up-and-coming social network that looks to make its mark on the industry by being the “anti-Facebook.” Called Ello, the startup network promises no ads and no tracking of user data. Without the advertising model that’s made Facebook big bucks, the artsy-looking social site’s plan is to earn money through add-on features. So far, we think Ello has limited appeal and will likely have trouble gaining traction in a social media world still dominated by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. But nonetheless, it will be fun to watch to see how it does. Ello is currently invite-only and still in its infancy. It’s hardly the first time a social network has tried to gain based on more privacy options. Diaspora, another privacy-conscious social network that’s operated through a number of locally hosted servers, has steadily been gaining traction since launching back in 2011.

Using Empathy in Design

Web developer Nelson Fox discussed an article from Dustin Cartwright of Web Design Depot who detailed how to use empathy in design. Cartwright emphasizes using emotion to “build a brand” and recommends making design assumptions backed up by substantiation – using analytics to gain valuable insights into the types of things users are looking for in design. Meanwhile, Catwright also recommends testing an idea before implementing an update, among a number of other suggestions.

SEO Ranking for the Long-term

Copywriter Angela Sanders presented on an article by Dave Davies of Search Engine Watch covering marketing trends that may become viable within the next 5 years. Unlike short-term recommendations, Davies focuses on long term marketing concepts – discussing how recent patents by Google, Inc. could drastically change search targeting (Take for example Google’s recent TV watching habits patent for mobile devices).

SEO Concepts that are now Extinct

Senior SEO Specialist Samantha Lunzer discussed an article by Kate Morris of Moz.com covering SEO practices that are outdated. Such practices listed by Morris include placing text behind an image, believing that lots of links mean a higher ranking, believing that duplicate content will incur Google’s wrath, copying a competitors’ practices and more. Instead, Morris provides valuable alternatives to such outdated practices.