February 24

The Emergence of Responsive Web Design

Here are some more predictions about what the new web design trends will be for 2011.

First of all, faster loading designs are in.  Users are demanding faster loading web sites, which almost rules out Flash pages that take minutes to load.  Slimmed down index pages with very few images, no audio, text rather than image ads, and easy on the eyes color schemes are expected to become mainstream.

Web design Minneapolis firm, Rocket55 also predicts that mobile content will make its mark.  Users are always on the go.  Browsing the web on cell phones, tablet PCs, handhelds, iPhones, and iPads are becoming more and more popular.  We expect that the web design trend will be that designers will have to create mobile ready sites right off the bat, or create an alternate mobile version of their designs.  With the use of CSS3 and HTML5, matching the websites’ layout and the user’s device capabilities is far easier.  Creating style sheets for smaller devices is no longer a daunting task.  Rocket55 predicts the trend towards “responsive design” will only increase.

Responsive web design uses fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries to produce more layout agnostic HTML pages.  This means that one design can gracefully adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

We’ve mentioned this in previous blog posts, but still think it’s worth highlighting again.  Another web design trend that Rocket55 predicts to come on stronger in 2011 is CSS3 and HTML5.  CSS3 comes with new features such as new border, color, background, and text effects, as well as new selectors, media queries, fonts, and speech. HTML5 comes with even more exciting new elements such as placeholders, editable content, local storage, email inputs, and better audio and video support.