February 28

Sync or Swim: How To Link Google Places with Google Plus

The effects of linking your Google Places to your Google Plus account are still rather unclear. In any respect, linking the accounts is something your company should know how to do.

In order to link your Google Plus to your Google Place you need to create a business page within your Google Plus Account. This can be done by going to your side bar and clicking “Pages” which you can find under “More”. If you already have a business page simply select it from the pages menu.

After you select your company’s page click on “Unverified” which you will see up on the top left of the page next to the name of the business.

Once you have done this Google will bring you through a series of verification prompts, which is completed with Google mailing a postcard to your company’s address.  The postcard includes a PIN that will be need to be entered in order to complete the process of synching your Plus account to your Places account.

Once you have received this PIN log back into your Google Plus page and click on “In Progress” which you will find in the same location that “Unverified” used to be. Upon clicking this you will be directed to where you can enter in the PIN you received in the mail.

Presto! Your Google Places and Google Plus account have been successfully linked together. As previously mentioned, it’s unclear what sort of effect this has on rankings, but it’s definitely becoming a popular trend so it’s important to know how to accomplish this synchronization.