May 31

Social Media for Severe Weather

Severe weather season is now in full swing in Minnesota. There are a lot of important preparations that should be made in order to keep you and your family out of harm’s way. Having food, water, flashlights and a radio in your emergency supply kit are important, but don’t forget about adding your cell phone to that list. Having your cell phone and staying connected to your favorite social media sites can help keep you informed and safe before, during and after a major storm.

The use of social media during a storm can close the communication gap that often arises during times of crisis. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can help keep dialogue going between individuals and state and government officials. They help everyone share information in a quick, concise and very specific way to protect people. These sites also offer real time updates.

Utilizing social media tools before a crisis occurs can help prepare people for what is to come. With proper preparation, people can be ready for the impending storm and know what their next steps will be once the dangerous weather is gone. Social media tools are also vital during the natural disaster because they offer a direct communication tool that not only allows people to stay informed, but to also ask their own questions. Information is shared instantaneously and rumors can be address and corrected as needed immediately. Finally, social media tools can be vital after the severe weather is over. Important information about aid and help can be distributed this way and can help people in damaged areas coordinate recovery efforts.

While preparing yourself for this summer’s severe weather possibilities, make sure you are well versed on your favorite local news station’s social media accounts. Being connected to trustworthy news sources can make all the difference when you find yourself in a severe weather situation.