March 1

SEO and Reputation Management

Rocket55, Minneapolis web design firm, defends clients against damaging information on the web.

With potential customers increasingly heading online to research products and services, negative reviews or complaints that turn up in a search can mean lost business.  The need for online reputation management evolved in the past two or three years in response to the explosion of social media that amplified the voices of individual Internet users.

Rocket55’s reputation management services track what’s written about a client on the Internet, then perform Search Engine Optimization tactics by promoting positive pages and creating other sites that push damaging references off the first pages of search results.

For example, two corporate executives hired Minneapolis web design and SEO firm, Rocket55 to manage their online reputation through Google.  Both individuals were suffering from high-ranking negative and anonymous feedback on the Internet.  It’s almost impossible to get such pages taken down, but placing enough positive references above to push them off the first page or two of Google results preserved their integrity and business relationships.