March 1

Rocket55 Incorporates Color Theory

Rocket55, Minneapolis Web Design Firm, Incorporates Color Theory

Rocket55 is bringing marketable color theory to the web design world in order to help entice the right action out of website visitors. Known as the silent salesperson, color is the first thing registered by a viewer and it has the power to move people to action. When used correctly, color can be one of the most powerful tools on a website, whether it’s used to convey a message, aid in creating consistent branding, or to help motivate a viewer into clicking something.

Rocket55 does not wish to be a cookie cutter web design firm that is known for making just “pretty websites.” Rather, they have taken color theory to the next level and gone from “this looks good” to “this will help drive user behavior”.

“When it comes to using color for websites, it’s is more than just picking what looks good to you – it’s about moving the viewer to an action that will in turn encourage them to use a company’s product or services or instill a sense of dependability,” says Steven Ayres, Founder of Rocket55.

Rocket55 believes that of all the forms of non-verbal communication, color is the most instantaneous method of conveying messages and meanings. Whether they are creating a color palette for a company, a brand identity, or product colors, Rocket55 vows to incorporate the color that works with the target market in order to bring in more revenue for their clients.