October 8

Boosting Online Visibility & Business

From my experience one out of every two web designers has no earthly idea how to get a new or existing site ranked. Why? Typically because search engines change up the way they do things or the web designer just may not care. Most web designers feel they are artists. But what they don’t know is that they are fooling themselves and doing the client a disservice by not helping them optimize their sites. Online “postcards” simply don’t work anymore.

So what is the answer. First of all start thinking of the web for what it is. Search engines are not magic. They operate on mathematical equations that look at what is actually on a site and then classify it. So if your site is about blue hats and there is not any mention of blue hats in the text of the home page, then you have a problem. By the way, having a picture of a blue hat doesn’t count.

The list of things that will be addressed is probably lengthy, but don’t be discouraged. Improving rank is one of the most cost effective ways to boost business.

If you are having trouble getting top ranking or any ranking for your site, the fix is usually relatively easy. The difficulty lies in the level of competition you have. My suggestion is that you call a reputable SEO firm and have them do an analysis. Just make sure that you demand references. Many SEO firms use illegitimate techniques or are outright snake oil salesmen. Make sure that they have performed the services successfully for a number of other clients. For instance, my firm has over 35 clients that we have successfully helped to get to the first results page. Usually the top. We also provide a full list of references that potential customers can call on. So, good luck with your quest for increased profits through better page rank and call if you need help. 651-414-9638.