May 21

Observing Digital Trends Through Rocket55’s Viewfinder

At Rocket55, we’re always paying close attention to the constant changes in the digital world. Whether it’s design, coding, social media, SEO or even the devices we use to access our favorite websites, there’s always something new to discuss. It’s important that we take note of such changes, adapt to them accordingly and ensure that we remain truly innovative – in other words, we need to stay on top of things. To accomplish this better, every Monday morning, the minds at Rocket55 assemble in the conference room. There, each person presents on an emerging digital topic. As always, this Monday’s presentation brought to light some pretty interesting things:

Previewing Sites on Mobile

Digital Marketing Specialist Samantha Lunzer highlighted Hubspot’s Device Lab, a tool currently in beta that allows you to preview your website on mobile platforms like the iPhone, Nexus, Galaxy and iPad – providing programmers with a great way to make sure that the websites they’re designing are optimized correctly for the most popular mobile devices. In today’s world, we know that mobile continues its growth and shows no signs of slowing down – making it vitally important for websites to feature what we call a “responsive design,” meaning that they’re not only optimized for desktops, but are also easy to navigate on all mobile devices.

Advanced E-Commerce Sites

Marketing Director Caitlin Tvrdik discussed an article from Mashable covering features of advanced E-Commerce websites – 5 traits that every online retailer can utilize to be effective when it comes to online sales. Traits mentioned in the article included the following: advanced suggested search results, inline field validation, animated shopping carts, on-the-fly inventory tracking and video product demos. Does your e-commerce site employ these features? If not, perhaps they’re worth considering.

A Right to be Forgotten Online?

Copywriter Jared Townsend highlighted a recent online privacy rights issue: Do you have the right to be forgotten online? Yes you do, at least according to the European Union’s High Court. The ruling arrived after a man sued Google, wanting the tech giant to remove information about him related to a 16-year-old estate sale that was held to cover debt. After the ruling, individuals in Europe now have the right to request that Google take down old information about them that’s no longer considered relevant. Meanwhile, Google is already preparing a tool to comply with such requests. Is this an appropriate privacy rights option or does it violate freedom of information?

Graphic Design with Sketch 3

Creative Director Gunnar Gray presented on Sketch 3, a graphic design program from Bohemian Coding. Available via the Mac App Store for $79.99, the application is increasingly giving Photoshop a run for its money as a more affordable alternative. Only available for Mac systems, Sketch 3 features easily adaptable vector shapes and export options. It’s also fully optimized to make use of Retina screen displays. Would you consider the switch away from Photoshop?