March 2

More Social Media

Social media marketing has rapidly grown in popularity.  Businesses are realizing the need to have an online social media presence.  Rocket55 has already touched on web design trends in social media marketing and the emerging importance that it continues to have, but what does this mean to you as a business?

The first thing to look at is to understand the social media experience as a potential consumer.  As a consumer, social media is a deeply personal experience.  It is quite literally a world in which we are at the center of of our online experiences, a place where everything and everyone revolves around us.

So how do companies integrate themselves into a consumer’s social media experience?

The most successful strategy has been when brands offer free services, special promotions, and sales via social media websites.  23% of Twitter users and 25% of Facebook users connect to the social media web sites in order to receive special deals from specific brands.

For example, Starbucks set out to increase traffic in stores around the country through a “free pastry” program shared through social networks. The coffee company says that social media contributed to 1 million customers visiting local stores in one day.

Rocket55 offers customization for company Facebook pages.   Rocket55 creates customized Facebook pages which promotes brand identity and better customer service.  In combination with web design and SEO, Rocket55 offers exceptional marketing opportunities for business companies to connect with clients and promote brand identity.