June 16

More 2010 Web Design Trends

The web and website design changes in a rapid motion. Design trends are not just driven by aesthetics like other media options. Being aware of and incorporating design trends can be very valuable. This post will briefly discuss some of 2010’s trends in relation to the expansion of print design trends onto the web.

The design of the print used is very important. The typography used must be legible. Print designers tend to prefer serif fonts, but they have been hard to read on computer screens in the past. Sans-serif fonts are generally considered easier to read on computer screens, but because more viewers are browsing at a higher resolution, serif fonts are reappearing because designers feel the edges make visibility easier.

Again, because of increased screen resolutions, more designers are using multi-column layouts similar to print. Having several columns allows more content to appear in the same space. Other ideas from print are surfacing in web design as well.  Big lead images (like photographs) can be used to draw visitors into the site like a photograph on a print page. Print designs have also used diagrams and infographics to display information, which is now surfacing among web designs.