October 12

Make Your Website Stand Out

With so many people and companies that have their own website it may seem impossible to be unique.  In order to get your website to stand out from the crowd there are few simple things you can do.

First, make sure you are designing for your audience.  A sure fire way to stand out is by catering to the people you want to stand out to.  For instance, if your target market is older people make your website user friendly for those that aren’t technology savvy.  Keep the bar for scrolling on the right side of the page where these users are used to seeing it.  Also make sure your website is easy to read.  If your users are older don’t use small or hard to read fonts.

Additionally, design your website to be as user friendly as possible for anyone to use.  If your website is hard to navigate through users will be frustrated and move on. If your website has too much clutter and information on it, again, users are going to be overwhelmed and go elsewhere.  Clean and simple will beat a website with too many bells and whistles on it.  With a clean look your website will surely stand above the rest.

While you don’t want to clutter your website with this information, you still want to have it available through different pages.  Your information doesn’t all have to be on your homepage, but you should definitely have all the answers somewhere on your website.  Having all of your information somewhere for the users disposal will also help you stand out from websites where users need to call in to get every answer.

Another way to make your website stand out is to share who you are. By letting your users know your company’s values and expressing your professionalism you will gain an edge on your competitors who are less open about their business practices.

Keeping mobile users in mind is yet another way to make your website stand out.  If your website isn’t user friendly on multiple devices the users will more than likely visit elsewhere.  Having a website that works no matter what device your users are on will have people visiting your site more than others.

If you keep these tips in mind your website will stand out from its competition.  Don’t let your website get lost in the mix of the Internet.  Keep your website user friendly, with plenty of information about your company and you will definitely catch the eye of users.