March 16

Learn CSS3

HTML5 is slowly rising to top code status.  Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55 advises people to brush up on their CSS language.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language that describes presentation semantics of a document written in mark up language.  Basically, CSS separates document content from document presentation – layout, color, fonts, etc.  It is a list of rules that improve content accessibility and flexibility, which is time-saving for Web designers because they can use the list across multiple pages that are similarly formatted.

CSS is now on its third version, aptly named “CSS3.”  CSS3 allows a whole new set of rules that account for multicolumn layout, new web fonts, text wrapping, text strokes, rounded corners, borders, drop shadows, and image tricks.

If you are thinking about learning another language, you might want to consider computer-speak.