February 25

Is Flash a thing of the past?

Simply put, Flash has seen better days.  There was a time when you couldn’t visit a web site without running into an annoying Flash interface.  However, Flash is a real nightmare for SEO.  Reason being, search engines cannot easily index the contents inside a Flash file and unless you feed them with the text inside a Flash movie, you can simply count this text lost for boosting your search engine rankings.

As quick information for the Flash novice, the reason search engines dislike Flash web sites is not because of their artistic qualities but because Flash movies are too complex for a spider to understand. Spiders cannot index a Flash movie directly, as they do with a plain page of text. Spiders index filenames but not the majority of the contents inside.

Additionally, Flash movies distract users and can interfere with clean web site navigation.  Using Flash as a navigational tool is also a mistake because it creates an unreadable dead end for search engines.  Text links are the only SEO approves way to build site navigation.  Flash videos can also consume a lot of bandwidth.  This translates into slower loading pages.

Despite the disadvantages Flash presents, there are cases when a Flash movie is worth the efforts.  Flash still has no equal to its interactivity.  Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55 offers a more relaxed and much more professional approach to Flash.  Flash still has its place in design, especially when done subtly.  Keep Flash movies at a minimum.  A good rule of thumb to follow is that Flash is good for enhancing a story, but not for telling it.  If you have some text with the main points of the story, adding a Flash movie can bring visual detail to the story.

Rocket55 acknowledges the average visitor is more web savvy these days and because of that, we strive to create sites that are more user-intuitive than in the past.